Enterprises are struggling with the deluge of data that are now routinely created as the result of complex business and IT ecosystems.

Enterprise-wide aggregation and analysis is near impossible with firms deploying dozens of individual systems, often unique to each organisational unit.

Data management challenges are further compounded by vendor solutions making the task of integrating local and proprietary analytics into existing platforms very slow and expensive.

As a result, regulatory compliance is costing firms hundreds of millions of dollars as arcane systems have to be continually retrofitted and data constantly manually adjusted - significantly driving up labour costs and regrettable spend.

TeraHelix was founded in 2019 with the goal of enabling enterprises using our technology and platform to:

Accelerate Product Development

Significantly Improve Enterprise Data Quality

Automate the Regulatory Compliance Burden

Empower Cross Platform Agile Data Science

Put simply, TeraHelix levels the playing field by providing technology on par with platforms in use at premier institutions to everyone.

Our Edge

The TeraHelix Core team has decades of experience in technology leadership in trading and risk management platforms at the world’s top financial institutions. The platforms the team has deployed to production over the years are dealing with petabytes of data in complex financial instruments in a global risk and regulatory landscape. This combination of technology and domain savvy in a team that has been together for over a decade is our edge.

Our Team

Tasos Kontogiorgos

Co-Founder / Software Developer

Tasos has a successful record of building strong teams and sophisticated software at some of the world’s leading financial institutions (Nomura, Goldman Sachs, UBS, Credit Suisse). Not only did Tasos revolutionize the way SecDB was used by Financial Strategists at Goldman Sachs, Tasos was also responsible for generating software used for Equity Derivatives trading at UBS. At Credit Suisse, Tasos co-founded and led the team that created and successfully delivered the strategic firm wide regulatory risk reporting and aggregation infrastructure.

Jack Steenkamp

Co-Founder / Software Developer

Jack is a software developer based in London who specializes in applying Big Data and Real-time Technologies to Risk Management solutions in the Banking and Financial sector. He has a successful career spanning 5 industries with an outstanding delivery track record. Jack’s experience with developing large and complex distributed systems culminated in the successful delivery of real-time yield curve calculations for the front office at UBS, and at Credit Suisse a firm wide bi-temporal data store allowing quantitative strategists and IT developers to develop risk models.