We work with a diverse range of clients with a variety of data use cases

Commercial Banking

Tier 1 Investment Banking

Fund Managers

Financial Information & Analytics

Tailored to manage the intricacies of Financial Services


TeraHelix is a universal data translator, a Babelfish for data.


TeraHelix allows you to seamlessly integrate disparate datasets, validate and deduplicate data, unify workflows, and create new derived datasets.


TeraHelix empowers non-technical end users to perform mappings and enrichment of data using simple mappings, AI assistance and user written Python code.


TeraHelix has deep experience in modelling data for complex use cases in financial services, both in the founding team and existing client base.


The TeraHelix platform enables the curation of client data sets to obtain vectorised inputs to unlock Retrieval-Assisted Generative AI.


Game-changing Technology

Introducing SPEAR

SPEAR is the game-changing TeraHelix paradigm that accelerates the delivery of any data-driven initiative. This one-of-a-kind TeraHelix capability sits at the heart of the TeraHelix ecosystem and powers all our data platform accelerators. It is the technical realisation of our collective experience spanning decades in the forefront of financial services technology.

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Our data platform accelerators empower business users with self-service integrations and analytics ensuring real-time validation, automation and efficient data management with intelligence-driven insights.


Data Explorer

Explore the challenges of managing sophisticated data lakes and the importance of a robust data ontology solution.

Discover a continuously integrated, compiler-driven approach to data ontology creation and verification.

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ETL Mapper

Discover our low-code ETL Mapper, empowering enterprises with bespoke transformations created by business analysts.

Seamlessly create and make changes to mappings, and increase operational capacity with our self-service toolset.

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Data Quality

Ensuring a high degree of quality within the enterprise's information is key to the organisation's overall success and stakeholder trust.

Powered by Spear, explore TeraHelix' unique solution which automates data quality management.

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Data Experts with Decades of Expertise

TeraHelix was established with a vision to distill the best practices, techniques and insights drawn from our collective experience, making them universally accessible. Our talented team based in Australia, the UK and the USA, handpicked for their engineering excellence and promising growth potential are the backbone of our expanding global presence.

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Transformative Data Solutions

Our proprietary technology streamlines client onboarding and revolutionises data quality management. With automated discovery, low-code/no-code solutions, and preventative controls, we ensure efficiency and immediate results. From standardisation to compliance, TeraHelix delivers comprehensive coverage and long-term success.

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