Systemic Risk Report FR Y-15

The US Federal Reserve requires organizations it considers as global systemically important banks or those holding total consolidated assets of $50 billion or more to submit a quarterly FR Y-15 systemic risk report. This report is used by the US regulator to asses and monitor the systemic risk profile of the institutions which are subject to enhanced prudential standards, identify other institutions which may present significant systemic risk and to analyse the systemic risk implications of proposed mergers and acquisitions.

While producing a successful FR Y-15 report requires many of the advanced data management features you will find in the TeraHelix platform, there is, depending on the existing architectures in the organization, also a need to perform some Federal Reserve prescribed analytical calculations on the underlying report source data.

The wide scope and broad reach of the FR Y-15 report is such that there is no single 'turn-key-solution' available that would seamlessly integrate all of the firms golden source systems and produce this final report. However, as a development accelerator the TeraHelix platform has been demonstrated to significantly cut down on the time and effort required to build and produce this report. In particular:

  • Data completeness, SLA monitoring and operational management in terms of the structure required by the regulator.

  • Integration of in-house or third-party analytics libraries to assist with Federal Reserve prescribed calculations such as potential future exposures, margin and currency conversions.

  • Open and transparent data access at every stage of the data flow to enable QA and data science users to inspect and verify ireport integrity.

  • Full end-to-end data linkages and lineages with integrated third-party data science tooling support.

Reporting Dashboard And Linkages

  • Navigate the report using the prescribed reporting structure.

  • Drill down from final reportable value to report ancestors.

  • Trace data back to the originating source and analytics.

PDF Report Generation

  • Simple, one-click integration of PDF report for inspection.

  • Automatic generation as underlying data gets readjusted and finalized.

  • Built-in PDF support for comparisons with other firm submissions.

Integration With Data Science Tools

  • One click link to notebooks including Python, Spark or R.

  • Shareable link (with expiring authentication) to collaborate with team members.

  • Third-party API support including JDBC, ODBC and REST.