The lifeline that institutions need to survive in today’s dynamic data centric landscape.

Cloud Native

Build cloud-native, big-data enterprise data management and reporting solutions with seamless analytics and calculation integration.

Built on Experience

Utilize the best techniques and insights built up from decades of experience implementing large scale enterprise systems at Tier 1 financial institutions.

Full Transparency

Inspect, manage and retain ownership of your data and models at every stage of your application. Full transparency is at the heart of the TeraHelix offering.


Use the TeraHelix platform as an accelerator for internal projects or complete end-to-end solutions.


Scalability sits at the heart of TeraHelix. From our Spear data modelling language through to derived calculations, TeraHelix moves in lock-step with a dynamic and changing world, giving you the confidence to grow and scale your business.

Logical Scalability

TeraHelix boasts rich data modeling capabilities necessary for capital markets and quantitative library integrations. Advanced paradigms and logic constructs allow scaling up to thousands of models.

Physical Scalability

Every aspect of the platform is horizontally scalable, from the underlying big data store to the elastic compute and web nodes. Our cloud native stack supports all major cloud providers or can alternatively be hosted on-premise.

Functional Scalability

First class support for multiple languages and platforms including SQL, Python, .NET and TypeScript is already available, allowing business to leverage existing investment in internal expertise rather than embarking on expensive retraining.

Operational Scalability

DevOps monitoring and deployment tools such as Prometheus and Kubernetes engineered into the stack from the very beginining allowing for efficient management of the enterprise's production and development estate.


The TeraHelix Platform has many features that makes rapid and scalable application development possible. Developers are free to focus on adding business value rather than having to spend time struggling with the low-level details such as such as orchestration, bi-temporal storage and eventing.

TeraHelix provides APIs and integration via code-generation for most development platforms, including Java, Python and .NET. In addition, it allows Data Scientists to interact with the system using tools they are already familiar with such as ANSI SQL, Apache Spark and R.

Here a few of the high-level technical platform features that TeraHelix provides:

Pluggable Calculations

  • Integrate your own or third-party analytics models into TeraHelix.

  • Multiple platform support, including Java, Python and .NET.

  • Bring your code to the data, rather than copying the data to the code.

Standard and Dynamic SQL

  • Execute SQL on individual snapshots or across the whole bi-temporal big data store.

  • Dynamic SQL to access 'flattened-out' view of objects.

  • Cost-Analysis of queries to ascertain effectiveness of indexes.

Data Loading Orchestration

  • Integrate with a range of different source systems, using standard open source tools.

  • Full data lineage, audit trails and recovery mechanisms provided as standard.

  • Visual inspection and operational management of data pipe-lines.

Data Science Tool Integration

  • Expose your TeraHelix snapshots and data sets on third-party notebooks.

  • One-click to open Python, Apache Spark or R notebook.

Excel Integration

  • Use Excel to explore and interact with TeraHelix snapshots.

  • Read and Write of objects supported through TeraHelix's relational operators.

Extensive Data Format Support

  • Extensive data format support built into platform as standard - including CSV, JSON, XML, YAML and Parquet.

  • Extension mechanism to integrate addition data formats.

Integrated Security

  • Security based on OAuth 2.0.

  • Environment, application, snapshot and row/object level security.

Custom Branding

  • Flexible branding to match guidelines of implementing organisation.

  • High-contrast themes for operational monitoring.

First Class Document Support

  • Blob-store specialization for PDF documents - especially regulatory specifications.

  • Supports annotations, linkages and extraction.